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Couple with Most View on #GetupChallenge

TikTok ID:  @lovesoreal  Followers: 5.6 Million   -2.5 million view

TikTok ID:  @mary.lvk_   Followers: 700K

@mary.lvk_ оказалось проще простого 😂❤️ @artem_m.a ♬ Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey) - The Weeknd

TikTok ID:  @glamwithnikki  Followers: 500K  –  5 million

TikTok ID:  @redfamily_themkhizes    Followers: 200K  –  3 million

Failed Couple on #GetupChallenge

TikTok ID: @carito9906  Followers: 200K

TikTok ID: @kiikii_0  Followers: 200K

TikTok ID: @staranderson1  Followers: 50K  – 6K view

TikTok ID: @sylvviaj  Followers: 100K  – 20K view

Couple with Less View on #GetupChallenge

TikTok ID: @cah_lima10   Followers: 14K

TikTok ID:  @danielnorlin  Followers: 400K

TikTok ID:  @alanna_belanger  Followers: 100K – 225K view

Boy performs a #getupchallenge

TikTok ID:  @shawnjohnson  Followers: 2 Million – 2 million view

@shawnjohnson lol i think this was @andrewdeast‘s favorite challenge so far 😂 #fyp #chairchallenge ♬ original sound - ShawnJohnson

TikTok ID:  @meghanmazaoeser  Followers: 10K – 40K view

TikTok ID:  @louisekeogh8   Followers: 4K – 1K view

TikTok ID:  @emiwong_   Followers: 110K – 90K view

Interracial Couple performs a #getupchallenge

TikTok ID:  @karee_d  Followers: 1K – 40K

@karee_d When you force your husband to make a tik tok💜💜💜#chairchallenge #sosexy #doaflipchallenge ♬ motive x promiscuous - elfixsounds

TikTok ID:  @brookeashleyhall  Followers: 12 Million – 2 Million

TikTok ID:  @marvanddani  Followers: 5K – 35K views

TikTok ID:  @sabrinalehmann93  Followers: 1K – 2K views

TikTok ID:  @therealstreetfamily  Followers: 650K – 350K views

@therealstreetfamily When you post your first try lol 😂 Tiktokers don’t be posting they fails 🤣🤣#VideoSnapChallenge #couplegoals #funny #fail #fyp #toxic #family ♬ Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey) - The Weeknd
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