15+ Top Couple Poses ideas For Pictures And Selfies

Selfies are the most popular pictures on Instagram, which is why couples also enjoy taking selfies so much. However, the question arises as to what kind of selfie should be taken in order to stir up social media or Instagram. Here are some Cute, Romantic, Funny Couple Pose ideas for you so that you can truly express the love that you have for each other.

Before we move on to Couple poses Selfie, we would like to make you aware that this selfie has been taken in accordance with Pose, Situation, and Most Engagement Selfies on Instagram. In other words, your selfie is also getting liked a lot on social media and getting more engagement.

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couple selfie poses in bed

Couples love to take selfies in bed because it’s the perfect place to show romantic poses. In bed, they have different ways to take selfies, whether it’s in the morning to catch her innocent look, or at bedtime to make her sleepy. Below you will find some bed selfie ideas

Morning .... Wakeup Selfie

Your bae is most innocent when she’s awake, so take a selfie together at that time. People enjoy seeing her innocence face on Instagram. You can also post this selfie in the morning on Instagram or another social media platform where algorithms push your post to the majority of users which helps you get more likes.

What is the best time to post a morning selfie?

It’s best to post your selfie in the morning. What’s the reason? The reason is that social media algorithms are based on the types of images you post. Using this algorithm, your picture will be seen by a lot of people, which will increase engagement, which will increase your likes and comments. In this way, you as well as the company benefit.

Is there a time when you don't take a selfie in the morning?

In some cases, waking up your partner in the morning to take a selfie may not be the best idea. You have to careful before taking selfie. Here’s the situation

  1. You didn’t communicate with your bae yesterday for a selfie
  2. Do you think your partner has done any hard work in the past day? Yes, avoid that day
  1. You didn’t fight yesterday

What should you do before taking a morning selfie?

  • The first thing you should do is to have a conversation with your partner the day before about taking a selfie the next morning. That’s your first clue that she’s not mad at you for waking up.
  • You also did something for your partner that made him/her smile, so that’ll make the selfie great.
  • Research the best poses for the room and a filter or an app that works best for you, because in the morning you don’t have the time to search and if you do, it could be frustrating for you both.
  • Last but not least, do not post a picture without showing her. Sometimes your partner will not like the selfie you take.

Bed Time .... Selfies

After spending an enjoyable day with your partner. So why don’t you capture this moment by clicking a selfie? Put yourself in a pose where you sleep happily together without expressing yourself, only showing affection

When should you post bedtime selfies?

In order to get more engagement, you should post your selfie in the evening. It works best for people and social media algorithms.

Is there a time when you don't take a selfie at bedtime?

Here’s the situation when you don’t take selfies

  • When your partner is facing a difficult day, you should avoid that day
  • When her mood is not good or something bad happens to her
  • You should also avoid selfie if she fights with you today

Bite your sweetheart in bed

Making your selfie more engaging and taking it to the next level. Bite your partner’s cheek when he or she takes the selfie, and then witness the likes swell on your social media page.

Be Gentle

Scaring your partner is not a good idea. Make sure you are not too rough, it can be painful. Sadly, there are times when some of you lose control and bite a little harder than you should. Whenever you bite your partner, pay attention to what you’re doing

Bite Differently

A bite can be done in a number of different ways, and there can also be a variety of different types of bites. Take a selfie in different ways and find out what way is best for you. Be creative with your bites.

Bed Time Fun

Laughing with your partner not only makes him happy but it also refreshes the relationship. Why not share it?

Fun Differently

Fun can be had in so many different ways. Find out how to take the perfect selfie while trying all the funky ways. It doesn’t matter how you do it, so be creative.

When you are playing with your partner, it is always fun, but boys must pay attention to their approach because sometimes you may lose control and hurt their partner. Suppose, for example, that you play with a pillow and sometimes you hit it hard while doing so.

Love Couple Selfie Poses

Hugs and kisses are great ways to develop emotional intimacy between couple. Emotional intimacy occurs when couples are able to be vulnerable, comfortable, and deeply connected to one another in a relationship. It’s time to show your love by taking a selfie to make the internet crazy.

Propose & Hugging

How to do propose selfie?

Before checking the propose selfies below, you need to know what type of propose selfies are required. You can purpose your partner in many different ways, so pay attention to your way of purpose and capture it. Rather than showing yourself, show your proposal way in this selfie. Listed below are a few ways you can take a selfie, and you can also make one by yourself

  • Showing affection by holding their hand
  • Giving her a ring shows you love her
  • Making breakfast  makes her smile
  • Making a letter and banner to say I love you
  • Giving a gift and a stuffed animal
couple selfie with holding hand pose
boyfriend give ring to show his love to her
boyfriend making breakfast for her
boyfriend propose her by giving stuffed toy

How to take a hugging selfie?

Hugging selfies are different from proposing selfies. In a propose selfie, you click stuff to show you are proposing, but in a hugging selfie, you are showing your love by hugging one another. Whenever you hug your partner, a cuddle hormone is released that reduces his blood pressure and stress. Add some engagement to your selfie. So be romantic when you take a hugging selfie

couple hugging selfie pose with jacket covering
couple hug selfie
couple hugging while sleeping in sofa

Forehead Kiss

Emotional and Caring

If you want an emotional and caring selfie where your picture shows that he cares about you, not your appearance. Then you should definitely choose a picture of a forehead kiss. Additionally, it has a higher chance of getting more engagement and is easier to share.

Go forehead kiss with decent dress. The truth is that when caring and emotional parts come up, most of the times a decent outfit is the best choice.

couple Forehead Kissing selfie
couple Forehead Kiss selfie
boyfriends Forehead Kissing selfie
couple Forehead Kiss while sleeping in bed


Is there a way to do kiss for social media?

Be super light when you kiss. You have to understand it’s for a selfie you want to post on social media. When you do regular kisses, it feels good, but when you look at a photo, it doesn’t look good.
Try a simple kiss where your lips are only touching or both lips are so close together. Afterwards, you need to focus on how engaging your pose is to the person who is watching you. Last but not least, close your eyes during kissing.

When you take kissing selfies, what do you never do?

  • Don’t nibble or suck on each other’s lips, no tongue.
  • Don’t drool.
  • Don’t press too hard.
  • Don’t pucker too much.
  • Make sure to hold it still for a second so the photographer can catch it.
couple kissing selfie inside bathroom
couple kissing selfie in restaurants
romantic couple kissing picture

Couple selfie poses For Fun

Couples can’t live together for a long time if they don’t have fun in their relationships. That’s why it’s important for couples to keep their relationship energizing and attractive. We have some funny poses to make you smile and share on the internet.

Before you post a funny picture on social media, what should you pay attention to?

Over the internet, you probably see some weird funny pictures and videos that have thousands of likes. You will get more engagement with that type of picture. If, however, in the future you don’t like your selfie and wish to remove it from social media, it will not be possible. Internet is a place where nothing disappear.

Funny Things

Small things sometimes create funny moments that make great pictures. So look around and observe your surroundings to find exciting and funny moments where you can take a selfie. It may be a busy street, nature, or an event. In addition, you can use stuff to make your picture more creative and funny, which people will find appealing.

An outdoor selfie of a couple having fun
Couple funny selfie with using heart stuff
Couple Selfie Poses For Fun

Funny Faces

Selfies with funny faces are simple and cute. You can take a funny face selfie in two ways. The first way is to simply pose with your face with a different look, and the second way is to use technology which gives you a wide variety of filters which never end.

couple taking selfie making innocence face
Funny selfie of a couple pouting
Selfie taken by a couple touching noses

Mustache Play

Playing around with fake mustaches in selfies has become a trend on Instagram. There are several ways to fake a mustache in selfie, such as:

  • Making a fake mustache with your partner’s hair
  • Make a mustache with your index finger
  • Make your own paper mustache props

You can also search the internet for fake mustache selfie ideas.

couple make a mustache with your index finger and taking selfie
couple selfie with mustache prop
couple selfie pose with Mustache play

Couple Poses Pictures in Different Places

Are you tired of taking selfies and want to take a wide angle picture to capture the beauty of the area with your loved ones. You’re looking for a beautiful place for your couple pictures. Here are some places you’d find around you.

How do you take a couple's picture by yourself?

  • Invest in a TRIPOD for better stability and adjustment.
  • For better posing, use a timer
  • Take wide-angle pictures of your surroundings
  • ask someone else to take the photo
  • Don’t worry about what people think, because taking pictures outside is common now
  • Before going outside, the couple must research the pose they will take


If you’re stuck at home or just wanna try a selfie. So, Why not use your home to take the best couple selfie for Instagram. Taking different poses with your bae makes the moment more enjoyable.

Where are the best places to take a couple Pictures at home?

  • Kichen
  • In the hallway
  • Close to the window so you can play with the light
  • Pose against a wall – either a plan wall or a photo hung behind it
  • Put your pet between you
  • Bedroom
  • Show organic nature with a houseplant
  • On a rainy day, take a picture of the outside through the window
  • Have fun with the children

When shooting indoors I would recommend using manual mode so that you have full control over what your photo looks like. Shoot near the window to use as much natural light as possible. Then use the lowest aperture and ISO you can.

Couple Poses Pictures in home
Picture of a couple posing in the kitchen


What should you pay attention to when taking a couple's beach selfie?

  • In sunlight, you should wear a bright and bold colored dress.
  • Beach sunrises and sunsets are prime times for taking photos, which is what makes them called “golden hours.”
  • Make sure you adjust the brightness, contrast, and color settings on your phone to get the best results. You can also use Polarizing filters to enhance blues, darken shadows, and reduce glare from reflective surfaces.
  • Capture the beach better with a wide-angle lens and selfie stick
Beach photo of a couple
Beach picture of a couple kissing


How do a couple take picture with their car?

  • Shoot a Picture with Car Exterior
  • You both sit on the trunk or hood of the car
  • Sunsets and sunrises are the best times to shoot
  • To take a selfie with a different perspective, use a mirror
  • For a romantic selfie, use the back seat of your car
  • For a wide view, park your car far away from you

You can find more ideas for car photoshoots in this article, which shows pictures with guides to help you get beautiful pictures.

Couple taking a picture inside the trunk of their car
Taking a picture while sitting on the orange car's hood


For couples, the best place for selfies is a shopping mall. There are many ways to take a selfie, such as:

  • Take a selfie during outfit try-on, you can see red hoodie photo for ideas on how to pose during selfie
  • In addition to taking selfies with ice cream, you can try some sweet treat for your empty stomach.
couple Taking a selfie at the mall while shopping
girlfriend taking selfie in shopping mall


Is there a best pose for couple mirror selfies?

Mirror selfies with your partner are always interesting and fun. There are many ways in which you can make them extra special. Here are some mirror selfie ideas and poses

  • Your partner grabs you from behind
  • You’re partner kissing your forehead from the side
  • Take a selfie while you’re hugging
  • You can also make creative selfies with your hands
  • Both of you looking at the wall
  • You can also climb over your partner’s back
  • Wear a dress of similar color or design
  • Making cute or naughty faces together
Mirror picture of a couple hugging
Mirror selfie of a couple wearing bunny headbands
Couple kissing from the side of her partner's forehead
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