Spanish Love Words Use For Express Your Feelings

Spanish is the world’s most romantic language. If you’re also curious about how to tell your crush how you feel in Spanish, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a collection of Spanish Love Words and Phases that will help you express your feelings clearly.

We have included English translation in this article so that you can fully comprehend what you are going to say


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Spanish Love Words

1.  Mi Amor  –   My love

2.  Cario   –   Darling

3. Te Amo – Love You

4. Cariño – Dear, sweetie, honey

5. Te Quiero – I love you

6. Me gustas – I like you

7. Te Adoro – I adore you

8. Te Necesito – I need you

9. Te Quiero Mucho – Love you very much

10. Estoy Enamorado – I’m in love

11. Yo tambin te amo – I love you too

12. Te quiero cariño – I love you darling

13. Mi corazón – My heart

14. Mi cielo – My sky, my heaven

15. Mi alma – My Soul

Spanish Words For My Love

Cookie, Cupcake, Fruitcake, Hottie – What comes to mind when you hear all of these words? Sweet. This is why we use names to refer to our partners since they bring sweetness into our lives and adore us. Not only that, but these names express the person in front of you how much you adore them.

1. Galletita  –  Cookie

2. Pastelito  –  Cupcake

3. Pastelito De Fruta  –  Fruitcake

4. Osito De Gominola  –  Gummy Bear

5. Bombón  – Hottie

6. Bichito – Love Bug

7. Cacahuete –Peanut

Sweet And Romantic Words In Spanish

In every relationship, there are conflicts and terrible moments. But love is a never-ending phenomenon. Regardless of how many fights you have. To add to this love, there are certain special sweet and romantic words that you may use to do something special for your lover while also reducing the gap between you.

1. Te amo con todo mi corazón – I love you with all my heart

2. Eres mi media naranja – You’re my other half

3. Mi corazón es tuyo – My heart is yours

4. Mi corazón late por ti – My heart beats for You

5. Eres el amor de mi vida – You are the love of my life

6. ¿Quieres casarte conmigo? – Will you marry me?

Spanish Love Words For Girlfriend

Girls like when you do something new. Even if you call them by a cute name. It doesn’t matter what language it’s in. The difference is how you call them. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of Spanish names that you can use to call your girlfriend that are both cute and sweet.

1. Novia – Girlfriend

2. Bonita – Pretty

3. Mi Cielo – My Heaven

4. Mi Tesoro – My treasure

5. Mueca – Doll

6. Mi Reina – My Queen

7. Princesa – Princess

8. Hermosa – Beautiful

Spanish Love Words For Boyfriend

If we talk about society, everyone believes that boys are not interested in such things. However, boys are just like girls in that they are delighted when they are addressed by cute names. Here is a list of spanish names that you can use to call your partner in order to make him feel special and appreciated.

1. Novio – Boyfriend

2. Mi Rey – My King

3. Nene – Baby

4. Mi Vida – My Life

5. Corazon – Sweetheart

6. Bebé – Baby

7. Príncipe – Prince

8. Hermoso – Handsome

9. Maravilloso – A marvelous person

10. Chocolatito – Little Chocolate

Flirting Words In Spanish

Engaging your conversation with flirty words is a great way to make it fun. That’s true, Spanish is a romantic language, which makes you attractive and cool. It is important to use flirting words in the right place when dating, so ask yourself if you are using the right one. Let’s look at some flirting words that you can use with your partner.

1. Dar mi un beso – Give me a kiss

2. Pienso en ti siempre – I always think about you

3. Estoy atraída por ti (F)I am attracted to you

    Estoy atraído por ti (M) – I am attracted to you

4. Estoy loco por ti – I’m crazy about you

5. Te voy a echar de menos – I’m going to miss you

6. No puedo vivir sin ti – I can’t live without you

7. Solo puedo pensar en ti – I can only think about you

8. No puedo esperar a verte – I can’t wait to see you

9. Te deseo – I wish you

10. Tienes una sonrisa muy hermosa – You have a wonderful smile

11. Me encantas – I’m crazy about you

12. Pienso En Ti Siempre – I Always Think About You

13. Muero De Amor – I’m Dying Of Love

14. No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti – I Can Not Live Without You

15. Eres El Amor De Mi Vida – You’re The Love Of My Life!

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