Popular Tiktok Couples Challenges You Should Try

In recent years, TikTok has become a popular social media platform across a broad range of ages. The same goes for couples as well, where most couples do challenges to make more attractive videos to garner more views and likes.

TikTok’s algorithm is unique compared to its competitors. Machine learning is used to create a personalized feed called For You that is different for each user. As a result, finding viral trends and challenges may be difficult all around Tiktoks.

By using this article, you can skip all the hard work of trying to find popular tiktok couple challenges. The following challenges await you

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1. Asking questions to your partner

Over tiktok, there are a number of question audio clips you can try out with your partner. There are multiple ways to answer this question, like closing your eyes, pointing a finger and hitting a pillow. You can also perform in your own way to make a video that is different from others. Having your own way of doing things increases your chances of getting more views and likes.

Advide for Boys : Responding in any way that your partner might be hurt, like hitting a pillow. Take a gentle approach

#couplesquestions is where you can find the ideas.

If you want to create your own audio, here are some questions to ask

Who initiated the first kiss?
Who apologizes first after a fight?
Who is the funny one?
Who is more romantic?
Who is the most patient?
Who is the better cook?
Who said I love you first?
Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
Who is grumpier in the morning?
Who is more stubborn?
Who is the bigger baby when sick?
Who is the social butterfly?
Who is the messy one?
Who spends the most money?who initiates date night
who is more friendly
who initiates sexy time
who orders more packages
who’s more likely to crack their phone
who’s most likely to get lost
who spends more money

2. #LetMeRaiseAToast Challenge

Despite being old, #LetMeRaiseAToast is still relevant as a trending audio with funny and cute way to say your partner’s name. From the 1994 film The Little Rascals, “let me raise a toast to the girl I love most in the world.”. Please don’t say my name. Please don’t say my name Darla, Ohh,”.

The audio for this challenge originates from a boy actor, so it is best for boys.

#LetMeRaiseAToast is where you can find the ideas.

3. Top Trending #hashtag Challenges For Couple

Using hashtags on social media allows you to categorize your content and make your posts more discoverable. If you know that your target audience is on social media, you need to be there too!
We know that you are looking for hashtag-related couples. However, you need to use a combination of hashtags

  1. Couple challenge hashtag which you are performing for tiktok video
  2. Common use hastag by Couple – #couplesontiktok, #coupleschallenge, #couplegolas

What mistakes should you avoid when using a hashtag in your challenge video?

  1. Don’t use hashtags that have nothing to do with your video
  2. Don’t ignore your local location hashtag i.e. #newyorkcity
  3. You don’t need a million hashtags on video, you only need 3-5 hashtags

If you don't use hashtags, what happens?

With no hashtags, you have only one option to improve your Instagram following – you have to actually create great content. In other words, without the “magic” of hashtags, your content has to work hard to earn engagement.


  1. Passing the phone Challenge – #PassingThePhone
  2. Plank Challenge – #PlankChallenge, #coupleworkout
  3. Q&A Couples Challenge – #couplesquestions
  4. The First Name Tiktok Challenge – #couplesprank, #prankchallenge
  5. Target Challenge – #targetchallenge, #target
  6. There May Be Lovers Tiktok Challenge – #FreezeFramePhoto, #likeican, #theremaybelovers
  7. Walk-in Challenge – #walkinchallenge, #couplesontiktok
  8. Flip The Switch Challenge – #flippedtheswitch, #fliptheswitchchallenge
  9. Stair Shuffle Challenge – #stairshuffle, #stairchalllenge
  10. Two Towel Challenge – #twotowelchallenge, #untanglechallenge
  11. Influencer Challenge – #influencerchallenge, #influencerprank
  12. Asking my Boyfriend a Question – #askingmyboyfriend
  13. Anniversary Gift/Exchange Gift Challenge –  #exchangegiftchallenge, #anniversaryexchangegift
  14. Balance Challenge – #balancechallenge
  15. Can’t Touch This Challenge – #canttouchthischallenge, #canttouchthis
  16. Accent Couple Challenge – #accentchallenge
  17. The Koala Challenge – #koalachallenge
  18. Facetime Prank Challenge – #facetimeprank, #girlfriendprank, #facetimechallenge
  19. Tell me… without telling me… – #tellmeyouloveme

4. Physical Challenge

By working out together, couples will not only become stronger and more responsible, but also build trust in each other and intimacy within their relationship. I think it would be interesting to make a video that shows how much you love each other through physical activity. A few ideas can be found here

Is there any ideas for physical activities for couples?

  1. Light Squat Jumps
  2. Push Up Cross High Five
  3. Wall Sit With Tricep Dip
  4. Cross Jump Lunges
  5. Jump Squat With High Five
  6. Wheelbarrow Push Ups
  7. Leg Toss And Kiss
  8. Flat Back Chair Twist
  9. High C-Curve Hearts

Here is image ideas of above activities

5. Dance Challenge

Among all the themes on the internet, dance is the most popular. It’s easier and more fun to learn dance when you have a partner you enjoy dancing with. You always try the latest dance trends, and you look adorable while dancing to the beat. Some of these might take a little practice to get down, but that’s what makes doing this with your bae so fun.

Is there any trending song over tiktok for dance challenges?

  1. About Damn Time – Lizzo
  2. As It Was – Harry Styles
  3. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush
  4. Flashing Lights – Kanye West
  5. MEAN! – Madeline the Person
  6. Low Down – venbee & DanFable
  7. Go (Higher & Faster) – Cat Burns
  8. Reggae & Calypso – Russ Millions x Buni x YV
  9. 10 Things I Hate About You – Leah Kate
  10. Don’t Stop – Olamide

These are the most popular songs, but if you don’t find a song that suits you, you can use this keyword in Google to search for “lastest trending song”, “trending tiktok songs”, “popular tiktok songs,” and “top tiktok songs.”

Here are 48 all time popular TikTok Songs

@twitchtok7 Had to hit this remix! Queen Bey killed this verse. Let’s go @allisonholkerboss #thebosshouse #savageremix ♬ original sound - tWitch

6. Yoga Challenge

As you already know, yoga benefits the mind, the body, and the spirit. This is the best trending challenge over tiktok because it offers multiple variations of poses. So here are some intimacy yoga challenges for couples you can use in your tiktok video, plus it’s a great way to boost your mood and reduce stress. Additionally, it is a great way to spread good news to your audience

Is there any Yoga pose challenge for couples?

  1. Partner Breathing
  2. Temple
  3. Partner Forward Fold
  4. Seated Twist
  5. Backbend/Forward Fold
  6. Standing Forward Fold
  7. Partner Savasana
  8. Twin Tree
  9. Back-To-Back Chair
  10. Boat Pose
  11. Double Downward Dog
  12. Double Plank

This website will show you how to do this yoga pose if you don’t know how to do it

@itsmegwinters The key to a lasting relationship is balance ❤️😂 Love you @thebentist #foryou #viral #yoga #couples #couplegoals ♬ Lalala - Y2K & bbno$

7. Kissing Challenge

Over tiktok, kissing is one of the most popular topics. Huge numbers of people enjoy kissing because it is intimate and passionate. There is a live example where you can see how a user kisses their best friend in order to see how they react while filming the whole thing while kissing.

In TikTok, the hashtag #kissingmybestfriend has been viewed more than 1 billion times.

Is there anything you should not do when you do the kissing challenge?

As a couple, I know that you have a high level of understanding between each other. If you are going to kiss, make sure that you are not too rough with each other, as this can be painful for them. Sadly, some of you lose control during kisses and bite too hard.

In the tiktok challenge, how many types of kisses can be performed?

  1. Peck Kiss
  2. American Kiss
  3. French Kiss
  4. Cheek Kiss
  5. Forehead Kiss
  6. Eskimo Kiss
  7. Neck Kiss
  8. Butterfly Kiss
  9. Hand Kiss
  10. Top-Of-The-Head Kiss

Pictures of above kisses can be found here

8. Funny Challenge

Without prank and funny video will never attract new followers to your tiktok account. So, posting a funny challenge video is important. You should also try this type of fun challenge as a couple to strengthen your relationship.

Is there anything that must be avoided during funny challenges?

  1. Don’t upload weird funny videos – these videos get thousands of likes but get negative engagement
  2. Avoid playing pranks on your partner that they won’t like
  3. You should never post video without the consent of your partner because the Internet is a place where nothing disappears and you may feel ashamed after publishing it
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