6 Ways – How To Talk With A Boy You Like

It becomes very difficult to talk to someone in this world if that person is someone you like. You can’t talk to them or make eye contact with them. Which is common.

That’s why CoupleThinking brings you ways to talk to guys

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1..Direct Approach

लड़कों से बात करने का तरीका - Ladko se Baat Karne ka Tarika

According to facts, if a girl talks directly to a boy on 90% of the occasions, then the reaction of most of the boys is always positive.

Yes, you must go ahead and speak. This method is actually very effective, though it might seem strange to you at first.

You are starting to feel nervous, I know. For reducing this nervousness, you can do exercises that will reduce your nervousness. It is a good idea to use a mirror as practice as this will help you to speak to your crush more easily, thus reducing the amount of hesitations. You can also ask your friends for help.

As you begin this exercise, you should remember that you should use the exact same words in which you intend to speak to him, so that you will know exactly what you intend to say and can speak to him without hesitation afterwards.

2. Social Media

Instagram Par Ladki se Chat Kaise Kare | Facebook par Ladki se Kaise Baat Kare

If you want to talk to a boy, social media is the easiest way. People use social media to communicate partly because they don’t want to be intimidated and insulted. 

You can communicate on social media not just by messaging, but by likes and comments too. So, you are less afraid. It’s always good to send a message when your comments are answered, it shows that you’re a follower and is even better if you become his friend

CoupleThinking Tip

I’d recommend not liking or commenting on more than two posts in one day, because it has an adverse effect on the other side.

3..Common Interest

Find work that both of you will enjoy. In this way, he won’t get bored, but more motivated to engage with you. This will increase the connection between both of you and should have a positive effect on things.

CoupleThinking Tip

Use social media to learn about the boy’s interests or observe him so that you can know his interests.

4..Ask for Favor

Girls rarely have any problems getting favors from boys if they ask for them. So this is your opportunity to find some favor that will enable you to communicate with the boy. Be careful not to ask for anything that is too difficult for him. It might ruin your relationship.

As a favor you can order a book, make notes, or do any little task together that does not cause any problems for him.

5..Commpliement Him

There is no person in the world who does not like his praise. And the same thing applies to boys too, they also like their praise very much.

Yes, most girls think that boys do not pay attention to praise, but it is not so, rather they like it better when someone praises them.

Rather, it also increases your chances of talking and you become a little special in their eyes.

You can talk about their clothes and hairstyles for compliments.

Or on something that other boys have not worn like a locket or a Tatoo can also be there.

6.. body language

The way to communicate with boys is not just with words but also with your body language in which we can express feelings in different ways.

Just like in our phones, where we tell our feelings using emoji, similarly you can also tell your feelings by your facial expressions that how you feel about their words.

There are some emotions which you must use like happiness, embarrassment, wonder, are you not? These feelings have a good effect on the front.

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