7 Step – How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Instagram

Social media (instagram) has made the world very close, but even today it is very difficult to talk to girls because most of the boys do not understand girls and make many mistakes due to which they become wrong in the eyes of the girl.

That’s why CoupleThinking has brought some steps for you so that you will be able to talk to girls.

Table of Contents

1. Check Out her Profile

The boy’s most common mistake is ignoring the profile of the person you want to impress, as well as not reading the instagram posts that have been written by her or the comments she has made. All of these things help you understand everything about that girl.

That is why it is very important that you must check the profile of the person you want to impress because you can never impress anyone if you do not know about them. So your first task is to look at the profile so that you get to know about them.

2. Make Some Changes In Your Profile

Boys misrepresent their profile information in a very wrong way which makes a bad impression on a girl. That’s why you have to make some changes in your profile so that you see a real person.

Name – The name is a very important part. Which makes the first impression on someone. That’s why it is very important to write the name correctly because most of the boys present it as funny or in a Stylish way which puts a bad impression on your profile that’s why it is very important that you write simple name. So that the person in front will find your profile to be true. Moreover Presenting the right name correctly makes them trust you.

Profile Picture – After the name now comes the profile picture in which it is very important for you to use your own Picture. So that you don’t look fake. While taking a picture, keep in mind that your face is neither too close nor too far away in your  profile picture.

About me – Write about yourself in About me, don’t leave it blank so that the girl can get to know about you. Do not write exaggeratedly, rather tell about yourself so that others can know about you.

Like you can tell about your work, if your work is boring then you can tell about your hobby, keep in mind, focus on at most two hobbies whenever you are writing in the about section.

3. Post in Profile

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A lack of posting on your profile can have a negative impact on your profile. It is because if you do not post, your profile looks fake and it tells nothing about you, which is not appealing to girls.

how to post?

  • According to what has been written in the first step, every post tells us a little bit about you. Therefore, this is why it is necessary for you to post once every week, so that enough material is available in your profile in order for it to understand who you are.
  • You must stay away from posts that are fake or portray you as someone who is bad.
  • Your post should only include photos related to your life, fun with friends, and your profession or hobby.

4.. Follow Her

Now you have to follow the girl whom you want to impress, but keep in mind that you have to follow only and not the message.

Most of the boys make the same mistake, they send the message. Without even knowing whether she wants to talk to you or not.

Yes you heard right

You can already know whether she wants to talk to you or not. Which we will explain to you next later point how you know that she wants to talk to you.

5.. Like And Comment Her Post

If you want to bring a girl’s attention towards you, then always keep in mind that you must like and comment on their post. Because it is a kind of Poke. Which draws their attention to you.

How to Like and Comment?

Like – Always pay attention. You are his new follower which means you are a stranger to her, so keep in mind that you do i.e normal like and not use heart or any emoji. which make a bad impression on them.

Use hearts and emoji after 4 to 5 posts.

Comment – You have to normalize the comment which should be of only one word and should be normal.

You should also use big comments after four to five posts and keep in mind that the comment should be about the post only.

Important Note:

You have to do only one like and comment in 1 day, if you do more than this then it will give a wrong impression which will be very bad.

6.. Wait For Her Signal

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Now coming to the most important part where we will know whether the girl wants to talk to you or not.

Girls never message because they feel hesitant. That’s why she will give you some signals like you gave by likes and comments.

Her likes and comments show that she wants to talk to you and this is the right time you should message her.

Keep in mind, start the messages with normal like “Hi” “Hello” “How r u

Send short messages like this.

7.. Respect If She Do Not Respond

There are Millions of boys in this world but one girl cannot talk to millions of people. Because every girl’s nature is different, she likes such boys as her nature.

The biggest mistake most boys make is that they use wrong words or send messages continuously even when they don’t get any signal.

Which is absolutely wrong because doing so presents you as a wrong person.

Always keep in mind that you have to respect the decision of the girl. Even if you feel bad.

Because it is their decision and not yours whether to be friends with you or not.

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