10 Ways : How to Impress Your Crush Girl (With Pictures)

Impressing a crush is not an easy task at all because neither you can control her feelings nor you can force her to love you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t win her heart.

In the world, there are millions of women, but there are some things that every girl likes, so if you can do these things, you will win their heart and they will have more chances to be attracted to you.

But we would like to clarify one thing: the final decision will always be made by the girl because love is always from the heart.
CoupleThinking provides advice that we believe will be beneficial to you.

Table of Contents

1. Make Eye Contact With Her

लड़की को इंप्रेस कैसे करें – How to impress a girl in hindi

When you’re attracted to someone, it’s natural to want to talk to her. So  You can do this with your eyes.

  1. Suppose you are looking at a painting or a spectacular view, then your eyes are on its beauty, in the same way, you have to look at your crush slowly. This way, you won’t appear creepy.
  2. Sometimes break eye contact for a few seconds. Staring too much makes her uncomfortable.


Ways To Break Eye

  • can look up at the sky
  • can pretend to look around you

2. Maintain A Good Appearance

It’s said that first impressions are lasting impressions, whichever impression you make will be the last impression. So, it is crucial that you present yourself better to the person you hope to impress.

In order to achieve this, you should wear good clothes and have a good hairstyle. You can also use some accessories that will make you look good, such as lockets and ties.

Since you are a complete stranger and she doesn’t know anything about you, it’s important to make a good first impression, which is why the woman glances at your dress.

It may not sound so great, but it is human nature, since we are also attracted to girls who are beautiful, just like women are attracted to handsome men.

Can I attract a girl if I am not handsome?

It is definitely possible, but if your goal is to choose a woman who is beautiful in appearance, then you also need to understand that she is thinking the same way, so you will have fewer opportunities to impress her.

Sure, you will have many examples where beautiful women are impressed by less handsome men, but there may be many reasons which we don’t know about. We are talking about two strangers who have never met before.

3. Make Her Smile Or Laugh

Proflowers.com surveyed 1000 women, revealing what impresses women the most.

Laugh 48%

Helping 16%

Compliment 13%

other 23%

This survey will give you an idea of ​​what you need to do and what you need to work harder on.

Using stories that make people laugh or using funny events that have recently occurred can help you come across as funny. YouTube is a great resource for all of these things. Here you will find the best funny things to make a woman laugh.

4. Socialize With Her Friends And Family

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Women like men who are social, attractive and who are friendly with their family and friends.

Strange :If you are a stranger then you should use your contact to talk to their friend. Keep in mind that going alone can cause problems for you and a wrongdoing can affect them.

Some Relation With Her Family Indirectly : So this is a very good chance that you can talk to her. In this you can adopt direct approach.

  1. Wait for the right time and place to start a conversation
  2. Think about what they might be interested in talking about
  3. Freshen your breath before you talk

5. Ignore Your Phone

Keep your mobile phone away from yourself.


Whenever you go to meet a woman or go on a date and if you want that woman to pay full attention to you, then you also have to give her attention and pay full attention to her by ignoring all your calls and messages.


If you ignore him or keep looking at the phone in between, it is considered very rude behavior.

can I use my phone for a showoff?


Money matters to women. Money provides freedom, travel, and adventure. But she loves his independence equally so showing off can show you as someone who doesn’t respect women.

6. Compliment Her Appearance

Whenever you give compliments to women, you can win over their heart. Sincere compliments can open up doors to relationships and friendships.

An Honest Compliment Is Important – Honest compliments raise your image in her eyes because she has heard that compliment from others as well.

  1. Making a sexual comment
  2. Not make to much compliment

7. Appreciate Her Positivity

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Telling a woman that she gives off “positive vibes” will make her feel good.

This vibe is what most people want in their life all the time to have someone to make them feel good to accompany them in loneliness. When you say this to a woman, she spreads positive emotions. So it makes that woman very special and happy.

8. Make Her Feel Special

Here are some ways we show you how you can make them feel special:

Which will make him feel that he is special to you.

Don’t ignore him at all.

If he messages you, then reply him immediately, if he wants to talk then talk to him.

If you feel that he needs you, help him, never let him feel alone. If you think that he is unhappy with family life, then be his support, don’t let him get lonely.

These little things will make him realize how special he is to you, which will increase the closeness of both of you.

9. Showing Interest

Make her realize that she really is a special woman you want to know more about.

Show interest in his talk, try to know more about him, show interest in his family and way of living.

 A story is a great way for both of you to bond over similar experiences.

Tell him about some similar experiences you have had in your life that will strengthen the bond between you and the similarities are a great way to bond the two of you in a relationship.

10. Be Supportive

Recent research suggests that emotional connection and desire strengthens your relationship as well as builds trust.

When you give confidence and emotional support to your female partner, then she sees you as the perfect partner because the foundation of any relationship rests on how supportive your partner is. Makes it more special in their eyes.

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