How Often Should Teenage Couples Hang Out

Teenage is an age in which feelings are not in control and decisions are driven by hormones. In most cases where a new relationship begins, the reaction is so rapid that the results are not always the best. So we find all over the Internet what experts have to say about things like “How oftern should teenage couple hang out” “How often should you see your boyfriend?,” and, “How often should you hang out with your girlfriend?,”.

The results of our research show many interesting facts and points on how to establish a strong relationship without losing your life or decision. Hang out answers differ based on your relationship time period. Not only that, but we also address some hang-out-related questions so you can find all answers in one place.

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1. Early stage of relationship (1-3 Month)

When first time two people meet, their emotions and sexual attraction are high, which is called the infatuation phase.

During this phase you experience intense attraction, flowing endorphins, and high levels of oxytocin that make you want to be with that person as often as possible. 

Due to this chemical in your brain, you generally see the good or only what you want to see. This is where mistakes are most likely to occur. In a same periods you also get gut feelings but you ignore and continue with the relationship. 

Is there a way to avoid this early teenage relationship mistake and make a rational decision?

  1. You only see each other once a fortnight or once a week
  2. When you take things slowly you are able to see things for as they are minus the crazy hormones.

What is the duration of once a week hangout?

A two to three month period is good for early stage of relationship

You may feel like you are going through very long periods, but you have to understand your hormones are pushing you to meet regularly, but aligning same values, needs, and wants is more crucial.

Consider their lifestyle, are they living the life you want, or are you attempting to force something that is doomed because you don’t want to be alone?’

‘It’s also a good time to see if there are any skeletons in their closet as good behaviour 24/7 is unlikely.

You’ll see the real deal, and they’ll see the real you, which is good thing.

As a result, the attraction grows stronger. It also strengthens your relationship.

Without hurting the person, how can I avoid them?

  1. It pushes them to meet you if you call and message every second
  2. You should spend time with your family and friends
  3. Engage in some self-development
  4. Avoid overusing social media as it might appear that you are ignoring them
  5. Stop worrying

In the early stages of a relationship, it is crucial to take things slow when there is a high level of desire, excitement and attraction – which is a huge benefit in establishing a more solid connection.

In the early stages of dating, what should you avoid?

  1. Do not fall in love too fast until you are sure your partner takes the relationship seriously.
  2. You should avoid revealing emotions too soon
  3. Early sexual activity can hijack your emotions and cloud your judgment in a relationship
  4. Don’t pretend to be interested in their hobbies
  5. Defaming your ex makes you look bad and crazy

2. After three to six months of dating

A weekly visit is fine, but if you want to see them more often by month, you can increase the frequency to twice.

The purpose of this phase is to get an idea of how compatible you are with the person. You learn about her good and bad sides that will affect her in the future.

How to find bad habit at early dating?

  1. Make sure your boundaries are respected
  2. A bad mouthing of an ex is not acceptable
  3. Talking more about sexual topics 
  4. Being honest with you

3. After 6 to 12 months of dating

You can now hang out according to your schedule, your goals, and how you feel. But not meet regularly as long as your relationship goes beyond 1 year. As you become more patient, your relationship will become stronger and mature.

Are the above rules definitely capable of establishing a strong relationship?

The answer is no, no rule or formula can be perfect in this world. However, following these rules increases your chances of success. You also understand this information collected from various relationship experts who see a ton of patients, so they know why most people fail in relationships and go through depression and heartbreak.

The key point on how often teenagers should hang out together

1. Relationships are ruined by rushing too early

Having sex too soon in a relationship will make you emotionally dependent on that person. Which isn’t good without knowing someone’s behavior and lifestyle.

As a result, you might feel vulnerable, needy, and insecure about your decisions.

2. A truer picture of them

Slowing down enables you to see clearly whether a person is the right one for you based on their behavior. This way you can take confident decisions without hormone interference.

3. Quality vs quantity

When you don’t see each other every day, your moments together will be quality.

When you see each other every day, you may spend a lot of time doing virtually nothing, resulting in a loss of self.

4. Maintain relationships with family and friends

When you see your date once a week, you have a smooth connection with your friends and family.

It is risky to put all your emotions into one relationship.

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