Funny Tortilla Slap Challenge perform by Couple

Another bizarre challenge has been added to TikTok, and you already have all of the ingredients inside your refrigerator to perform it. Over tiktok, you can watch many couples participate in the same tortilla slap challenge and laugh your head off.

what is tortilla slap challenge? The tortilla challenge has nothing to do with who can make the best or fastest tortilla. In the viral challenge, participants fill their mouths with water and play rock, paper, scissors. The loser of the round gets slapped with a tortilla, but the real loser is the first to spit out their water.

#tortillachallenge has been viewed more than 259 million times on TikTok. As a result, actors Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a video on their tiktok account with the tortilla slap challenge, which received more than 100 million views and 22 million likes.

We find all tortilla slap challenge video perform by couple

1. Teambalmert

TikTok ID: @teambalmert    Followers: 1 million

@Teambalmert, gained a whopping 21M views on his tortilla challenge video, collecting 2.5M likes and more than 20,000 comments like, “They hitting each other so hard they skin turning red 😂😂😂”. At the end of the video, she hits the ball.

2. Claudipia.of

TikTok ID: claudipia.of    Followers: 4 million

@claudipia.of, participated in the tortilla challenge with his boyfriend, to the tune of 5M views, 500K likes, and nearly 3,000 comments like, “I think it got personal 😂😅”.

3. Mrashleyhaynes

TikTok ID:  mrashleyhaynes  Followers: 400K

@mrashleyhaynes, gained a whopping 5M views on her tortilla challenge video, collecting 250K likes and more than 3000 comments like, “He was so gentle and she was projecting those cheat dreams 😂😂”. The best part of this video is the dog’s reaction!  What he/she was doing😂.

4. Grace.enlow

TikTok ID:  @grace.enlow  Followers: 30K 

@grace.enlow‘s tortilla challenge video gained 9M views, 650K likes, and more than 6000 comments. In the final slap of the tortilla, she laughed so hard that she almost choked on her laughter

5. Mattmikhaila

TikTok ID:  @mattmikhaila  Followers: 5000


Tortilla slap challenge gone wrong!

♬ original sound - Matt Mikhaila

In the tortilla challenge with his wife, @mattmikhaila received 9.5 million views, 1.2 million likes, and nearly 9,000 comments like, “she took out 25 years of anger in that one slap.”

6. @gnb.official

TikTok ID:  @gnb.official   Followers: 8Million

The tortilla challenge video taken by @gnb.official, got nearly 4M views, with more than 3,000 comments like, “she took it personal”. This comment got about 30K likes because viewers understood Garik hit Britney so hard.

7. Tannerandchandler

TikTok ID: Tannerandchandler    Followers: 150K

@tannerandchandler took part in the tortilla challenge with his girlfriend, earning 9.5M views, 50K likes, and comments like “the look you gave him after the first slap😂😂”. It’s crazy to think Chandler Mann doesn’t hesitate when it comes to that first slap😂.

8. Christianhgberg - Swedish Couple

TikTok ID: Christianhgberg    Followers: 70K

@Christianhgberg took part in the tortilla challenge with his short wife, garnering 1 million views, 40K likes, and comments such as “This needs the sound “why are short girls so mean.”

Can getting slapped with a tortilla hurt a couple?

It is not as painful as a real slap. While smacking tortillas hurts during slaps, that is why tiktok considers some videos violent with warning signals. A tip for boys is to be gentle when you perform this challenge. It may hurt your relationship if you are too rough.

What makes Kevin Hart and The Rock perform this tortilla challenge together?

They both promote the upcoming animated movie “DC League of Super-Pets,” which is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. In the video, Hart ends by encouraging viewers to check out his film.

Funny Tortilla Slap Challenge perform by Couple
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