Famous Cute & Romantic Gay Couples on TikTok

Recent years have seen TikTok become a popular social media platform. In the same way, a lot of LGBTQ couples are also doing challenges to make more attractive videos in an effort to gain a lot more views and likes for their videos. 

For gay couples, Tiktok platform helps them grow as a community by displaying your feed that matches your thinking without you having to change yourself. Some feed like comedic LGBTQ content, some incredible LGBTQ activism, a lot of hot guys dancing, Ariana Grande skits, and cute gay TikTok couples – the message was loud and clear ‘Welcome to Gay TikTok’.

Let’s save time and skip all the hard work you have to do to find gay couples over Tiktok. Check out these lists

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1. Melvinmyhre

famous tiktok gay couple Melvin myhre

Melvin Myhre is a Swedish model and social media influencer. He has been active on social media for a long time, but his popularity came almost immediately after he started his tiktok career in 2022, with over 100K in less than 3 months. He is also popular over the onlyfans content platform.

Melvin is in a love relationship with @ang3ll.garciaa. Both of them have many tiktok videos as couples where they spend romantic and enjoyable time together. Their popularity is due to their attractive physical bodies and cute looks as a couple that attracts a lot of young people. 

2. Ssantivila

famous tiktok gay couple santi vila

Santi Vila is a Spanish gay social media influencer and a Tiktoker star. Aside from lip syncing videos and challenge videos, he is popular for his romantic and cute gay couple content.

His first tiktok video was posted in June 2020, in which his black dog licked his leg. For some time, he only posts her face and a few normal videos. After getting good feedback from the audience, he felt confident to show his partner as gay couple on Tiktok. He posted his partner’s video end of 2020 which gained popularity among the LGBT community. His followers on Tiktok crossed 100K. @ssantivila is his Instagram username

3. Boysonvacation

boysonvacation famous tiktok gay couple

Boysonvacation is the most popular gay couple on Tiktok with over 3 million followers. They popular for their funny romantic video. In March 2020, they posted their first video to tiktok, which showed them kissing under a waterfall. This video caption “We are destined to love each other” has received more than 250K views and 35K likes.

They often post romantic and seductive videos where both kiss and display their hot bodies. Their “Guess why we are in Milano?🤔” most viewed video has over 8 million views and 2 million likes.

They’re also very popular over onlyfans.com with a user name of svandylove. Over this platform, they receive more than 100K likes.

4. Nickandant

nickandant famous tiktok gay couple

Nick and Anthony are popular gay social media personalities and models. They both have millions of followers on Tiktok and YouTube. Meanwhile, Nick is an Englishman and Anthony is a Canadian.

Nick is a bilingual youtube vlogger known as It’sJustNick. He has gained popularity with his themed, and often comedic, vlog entries about his daily life. His Instagram account has 300K followers as well.

In January 2019, they both posted a first video to tiktok showing them kissing. Their “He’s a little overprotective 😬😬” most viewed video has over 10 million views and 1 million likes.

Subscribe to her onlyfans account if you want to see her unseen videos and photos.

5. Ontherobz

Ontherobz famous tiktok gay couple

Pepijn & Robin are social media influencers for gay couples. On his tiktok account (ontherobz), he has 150K followers and over 2 million likes. In January 2021, they posted their first video to tiktok, which featured his partner touching his ass. This video has received more than 150K views and 10K likes.

Their “son original – Loucas Martini music” most viewed video has over 9 million views and 1 million likes. They mostly post videos related to lip sync, challenges, and pranks.

He has an Instagram account with over 13k followers as well as a YouTube account that is not so popular but may become so in the future.

6. Hotbreezy

Hotbreezy famous tiktok gay couple

Hotbreezy tiktoker are a gay interracial couple. He has over 500K likes and 50K followers on his tiktok account. They posted their first video to tiktok in July 2021, her partner showing off his hot body. This video caption ” Can’t believe he invited me up!!🤭🌈 he’s so hot😩🥵🏳️‍🌈 Like for Part 2 what happened after this😈” has received more than 750K views and 50K likes.

Their “Annoying my boyfriend PART 1😂most viewed video has over 6 million views and 150K likes. Usually, they post videos about hot bodies, fun with friends, and pranks.

7. Itscameroncook

Itscameroncook famous tiktok gay couple

Cameron Cook was born in Birmingham, England, on March 18, 2001. He stepped into the world of social media in the year 2012. He has over a million followers on the TikTok platform under the name ‘itscameroncook‘. On his TikTok page, he has posted 1157 videos and received 50 million likes. In fact, he receives a lot of views, likes, and comments on each of his TikTok videos.

He is known for his beautiful looks, cute smile, style, fashion, and amazing personality. His Instagram account is often filled with photos of him modeling and wearing fashionable outfits.

He also owns an “OnlyFans” account as well. This account is primarily intended for his fans who are interested in learning more about his lifestyle. He has altogether posted 181 posts and has gained 28.7K likes until now.

8. Matthewandpaul

Matthewandpaul famous tiktok gay couple

Matthew and Paul first married gay couple in our list. Both has tiktok account under name of @Matthewandpaul with 400k follower and over 7 million likes. They also so much popular for their podcast which are available all popular music platfrom.

both of have many tiktok video where both spend romantic and enjoyable time with each other. Also both of them perform some prank, funny and cute moment video.

Their “You’ll always be my type 👬” most viewed video has over 6 million views and 600K likes. He also have instagram account with 100K follower and more than 700 photos posted.

9. Coreyissmartlikedory

Coreyissmartlikedory tiktok gay couple

CoreyIsSmartLikeDory is another sweet couple tiktoker with bold and innocent men. His tiktok account has over 7 million likes and 300K followers. They posted their first video to tiktok in January 2021, in which he use a weird nose filter. There is no caption on this video but it has been viewed and liked more than 85K times.

Their “My personal fruit opener” most viewed video has over 3 million views and 230K likes. They are known for posting romantic and seductive videos in which they kiss and perform love acts.

10. Benjdl

Benjdl tiktok gay couple

Benjdl was born in England on May 6, 2002. He is a popular English TikTok user that is known for making comedic videos about his relationship with his boyfriend, Louis. On his Benjdl account, he has 10 million likes and 300K followers have been added so far.

He posted his first video to tiktok in January 2020, in which he play with colorful light. This video caption “few of my faves” has received more than 14K views and 1K likes.

Their “love my sis” most viewed video has over 3 million views and 300K likes. 

11. Louisandvalentin

louisandvalentin tiktok gay couple

Louis & Valentin are famous German gay social media influencers. His tiktok account has over 4 million likes and 200K followers. They both have instagram accounts with more than 20k followers, and Louis Mast’s account has more than 50k followers.

In august 2021, he posted his first video to tiktok, performing challenges with his boyfriend. This video caption ” First video ️” has received more than 350K views and 35K likes.

Their “Tag your BF/GF 😌✨most viewed video has over 2 million views and 200K likes.

They are also popular on the onlyfans platform for their adult content.  

Famous Cute & Romantic Gay Couples on TikTok
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