70+ Best I Miss You Meme To Share With Your Partner

When you really want to let someone know how much you value and appreciate them, use the I Miss You Meme. These memes can be sent to those who aren’t in your immediate vicinity. These cute, amusing, and full of feelings I Miss You Memes are all over the internet. I can tell you that whoever receives these memes will adore them.

Here are some memes that couplethinking has arranged for you

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Minion Miss You Meme

All of history’s greatest wicked masters have been served by yellow minion monsters since the dawn of time. However, the Minions end up accidently killing all of their employers — including a Tyrannosaurus, a caveman, an Egyptian Pharaoh and Count Dracula. 

After firing a cannon at Napoleon while in Russia, the Minions are exiled and forced to start a new life in a cave. However, after many years without a master to serve, the Minions grow sad and unmotivated. Minions Stuart and Bob go out to find a new master in order to reclaim their dignity and purpose after being abandoned by Kevin and his other Minions.

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bob minion missing someone
bob minion make fun of stuart
stuart the minion talk with Fire hydrant
kevin shock stuart by saying i miss you
minion i miss
bob minion saying i miss you

Cats Miss You Meme

Cat memes are the best and cutest way to express that you miss someone since cats have a round, soft body shape. As a result, people generally find their faces adorable.

The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that about 25 percent of U.S. households have cats living with them. Occasionally, they can be mischievous, and they might like to lay across your keyboard or smack things off your desk without any particular reason, but when we ask ourselves, that’s part of their charm – and a big reason we love them.

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cat doing funny things for wanted you love
cat miss you to come back
cat badly missing you
cat sitting and wait for you
cat i miss you meme
adorable cat waiting for you

Dogs Miss You Meme

Dogs may not be as cute as cats but they make up for your loneliness better than anything. It also removes your worries. Dog memes will make you feel a lot better and help you relax. So whenever you want to express your missing feeling, use this meme.

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cute dog missing you
i miss you dog meme
dog missing you for long time
do saying please come back
dog described missing you in funny way
dog i miss you meme

Movie Miss You Meme

In movies, we can escape reality and experience and feel things that aren’t normally felt in real life. It’s not every day you get to watch a big ship sinking(Titanic), a love story where there is no meaning to the face or body (Beauty And The Beast ),  a friction love story that was fun to watch (The twilight ).
That’s why movies are the best way to express yourself. As the movie reaches most of the people, the emotions expressed by them affect the front. That’s why we’ve created some movie memes that you can use to express your feelings.
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i miss you titanic meme 1
Credit Movie : Titanic (1997)
titanic love meme
Credit Movie : Titanic (1997)
Beauty And The Beast meme 2
Credit Movie : Beauty And The Beast
jasmine love moment
Credit Movie : Aladdin
couple aladdin movie
Credit Movie : Aladdin
the twilight meme 2
Credit Movie : The Twilight
the twilight i love you
Credit Movie : The Twilight
titanic miss you meme
Credit Movie : Titanic (1997)
Beauty And The Beast meme
Credit Movie : Beauty And The Beast
i miss you aladdin meme 1
Credit Movie : Aladdin
i miss you aladdin meme 3
Credit Movie : Aladdin
i miss you the twilight meme 1
Credit Movie : The Twilight
the twilight kiss
Credit Movie : The Twilight

Animation Miss You Meme

Animated movies are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. The characters of animated movies are loveable by people of different ages.

It is for this reason that movies serve as the perfect medium to express your emotions. It is said that when a movie reaches most of the people, the emotions expressed by them will affect the audience. To make your feelings clear, we have created some Animation Movie Memes you can use to express yourself.

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sponge i miss you meme
SpongeBob SquarePants
animation i miss you meme
The Boss Baby
the baby boss miss you meme 5
The Boss Baby
The Boss Baby
the baby boss miss you meme 1
The Boss Baby
The Boss Baby
angry bird miss you meme 1
Angry Birds
cute miss you meme
Angry Bird

Cute I Miss You this Much Meme

Our brains encourage us to enjoy looking at cute things by rewarding us with dopamine, a chemical that causes us to feel extremely happy. It is true that cuteness can influence our behavior and make us more compassionate.

So we make some cute I miss you memes, which you use to tell your partner how much you miss them.

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Cute I miss you meme
cute couple fight but miss each other
cute teddy sitting on bench miss someone meme
boyfriend not leave girlfriend and care about her meme
Baby miss you meme
cute teddy
cute cat want love

Sad Miss You Meme

Life is full of ups and downs. It is normal to feel happy when we fall in love and sad when we break up. Sadness is a natural part of life that is often associated with pain or loss. 

Looking for a sweet way to let a loved one know you miss their presence in your life or for a sense of peace and comfort over someone who is gone, we collected “Missing You” meme that we think could help.

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old husband missing her wife and feel sad meme
sad girl missing you meme
Despicable me
minion sad and missing partner meme
sad and strong thor look for missing you meme
heart broken sad miss you meme

I Miss You Meme for Her Funny

The boy does not know how to express his feelings about intimacy. By nature, boys tend to be tough and hardy.

However, this does not mean that they do not have any feelings at all.  It is simply a fact that they find it difficult to express their emotions through words.

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boy i miss you meme
Baby Boss
cute boy baby missing meme
boy hiding meme
Baby Boss
minion just remind you that i miss you meme
Toy Story
luca missing you meme
baymax want to care you meme
Big Hero 6

I Miss You Meme for Him Funny

You should absolutely let a boy know how you feel whenever he is far away if you are completely sure you are head over heels in love with him.

Here are some missing memes that will give you all the inspiration you need to express the emotions in your heart to the one you love.

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sweet girl missing you meme
Baby Boss
girl want please come back meme
girl i miss you meme
cute girl missing your face meme
Baby Boss
cute girl I miss you meme
wreht it ralph girl i miss you meme
Wreck it ralph

Anime Miss You Meme

The theme of love and romance plays a major role in anime. Several anime series revolve around the topic of love and romance. They are popular among anime fans. Therefore, anime is very suitable for expressing one’s feelings.

This is going to have a very profound effect on your partner. There is a large range of famous anime among the public which you can use as a missing meme.

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hinata expressing her feeling meme
when we together meme
Case closed
expressing missing feeling meme
Attack on Titan
couple meet first time meme
Your Name
naruto and hinata love each other meme
Best I Miss You Meme To Share With Your Partner
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