Best Chair Challenge Video Perform By Couple

The TikTok Chair Challenge has left the internet wondering how that is possible. So people are trying to figure out whether it’s true or not. The chair challenge is simple: Take two steps away from a wall and bend at the waist so your head touches it. Have someone put a chair under your upper body, pick it up to your chest, and try to stand.

The viral craze started in 2019 and for a good reason. Women make the chair challenge look easy, but even the strongest men can’t complete it. This makes people wonder about this challenge and push them to post a tiktok chair challenge video.

#chairchallenge tag has been viewed more than 500million times on TikTok. Many couples also perform the chair challenge where their boyfriend struggles to lift the chair and makes their viewer laugh.

We find all Chair Challenge video perform by couple

1. Jasonderulo

@Jasonderulo has over 55 million followers who try chair challenge, through which he has collected 17M views, 1M likes, and more than 3000 comments. First of all, jailyne who wears a hot outfit tries to do a challenge. However, when Jason tries, it seems difficult. His friend cheers him up, but that doesn’t work.  Also many user comment like, “It’s cuz of your center of mass… since she has 🎂 it’s easier to lift than for him”.

2. Corbinbleu

@Corbinbleu’s tiktok account has 750K followers and 15 million likes. He is so cute and innocent when he takes part in the chair challenge given by her wife, without knowing how to do it. First, her wife tried the challenge, which she already knew wasn’t a problem, but after he tried it and did it so easily, it shocked her and made some cute moments, this video has over 150K views, 30K likes, and many comments like her wife’s, “I’ll ask again – why are you so good at everything?”.

3. Caito_k

@caito_k couple chair challenge - Tag us and give it a go #chairchallenge #couples #viral #trends #fyp @drk_2106 ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

@caito_k’s is tiktok creator with 2K followers and 78K likes. @Caitlin.Kennedy first tries chair challenge to demonstrate it to her boyfriend, then her boyfriend tries challenge but his body falters. His video has over 50K views, 500 likes and some funny comment like,” how many beers deep was old mate 😂😂”.

4. Charlesandallie

@charlesandallie is a blue tick creator with 10K followers and 2 Million likes on his Tiktok account. Charles and Allie try a chair challenge for their followers to show how fun they are. In their video, they receive 17K views, 500 likes, and a few helpful comments.


A tiny tiktok creator, has 38.3K Followers and 1.2M Likes. When Bailey performed that chair challenge, she received an astounding 8 million views and 1 million likes, which she had not anticipated, but luck sometimes plays a major role in these events.

6. joshxkatie

@joshxkatie is a blue tick creator with 260 million likes and 4 million followers. Everybody on the internet performs the chair challenge where a boy faces difficulties. #chair challenge gets more than 500Million views, but Josh & Katie want to expose it because they find it easy to fake this challenge for more views. You can see how easily he does that challenge. Both couples get good responses from their followers too, with 5Million views, 1Million likes, and more than 3000 comments.

7. mommac_

Mommac’s account has over 20 million likes and 500K followers. Chelsie and her husband performing the trending chair challenge for couple fun. She is admired for living a free life as a mom. That is why many people liked her video which has amassed 120K views, 6K likes, and has attracted a lot of comments all describing why this failed.

8. mariahandbill - fake

@Mariahandbill, creator of the blue tick couple with 15 million followers, attempts the chair challenge. The couple doesn’t experience any problems when both lift the chair without losing balance. Their video gets 800K views, 150K likes, and comments like, “Do it again but the chair can’t touch the wall, Bill!!”.

9. swagboyq

@swagboyq is again an official tiktok account with over 26 million followers. He thought this chair challenge was fake, so he tried it. This challenge really worked for him and he accepted that he failed it. His video gets 300K views, 50K likes, and comments like, “Did anyone notice he stepped back once instead of twice, that’s why he couldn’t do it”.

10. meganmegijo94

@meganmegijo94 is a small Tikitoker with 7K followers who attempted the chair challenge with her husband, who failed the challenge and lost his balance when lifting his backet. The video received 60K views and 7K likes. Her video also receives funny comments.

Why women get advantage on chair challenge?

“The centre of mass for most girls is lower to the hips, while the centre of mass in boys is much higher. Therefore, for most girls, the centre of mass while bent over the chair is above their feet, while the centre of mass for most boys is above the chair.”

How many views does #chairchallenge get in Tiktok?

#chairchallenge get more than 500million views on tiktok with help of thousand video.

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